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Explore the World on a Budget Comfortably With These Travel Tips

More college students are studying abroad than ever before and more are traveling during their summers for volunteer work, to study a foreign language, and to simply beef up their resumes. However, while one might believe traveling for an entire summer is certainly not affordable it actually is more affordable than you might have imagined.

For example, there are many institutes and programs across the world that offer foreign language courses, culture immersion, internships with local businesses, and home stays for one flat fee from two to eight weeks in the summer. Rates vary depending on the program and the country, but there are many very affordable programs out there for students. In addition to this, there are some great flight offers for college students and student travel agencies that focus on providing the cheapest flights to students as possible. In light of this, it truly is affordable to study or immerse yourself in another culture for a couple weeks or months and not spend too much money. All you have to do is a little research in order to be aware of all the services out there that will help you travel on a shoestring.

The Internet is really the best place to find deals for students. If you have an idea of the area in which you want to travel then look up a student travel agency and search prices regarding the time of year you want to travel as well as different locations or countries where you want to travel. Once you have a general idea of airfare you can begin looking for programs in the area as well. Most likely anywhere you want to travel there is some form of study abroad program or volunteer program that will interest you, so look hard and compare options, prices, and student support. Then, when you have made up your mind regarding exactly what you want to do and where you want to do it you will be able to narrow down the options much better.

Tips for the Traveling Student
Once you have decided to head off and discover the world, there are some considerations you should keep in mind. First of all, do some research on the weather in your destination or destinations. Remember to check the weather for the time of year you will be traveling. This is very important because even in seemingly hot areas of the world like South America there are times of the year that are very cool, and depending on the elevation of the city it might be downright cold. So, check the weather before you pack only tank tops and shorts.

This tip is to pack light and pack multi-purpose clothing. If you pack multi-purpose clothing then pakcing light will be significantly easier, the reason they are combined as two tips in one. Traveling abroad can be significantly different than in the states and since you will be responsible for your luggage you want to make sure you hve nothing more or heavier than you can carry comfortably because you will more than likely be required to do so. In addition to this, when packing focus on clothes that have dual purposes such as long pants that can be rolled up to capris or else zip off into shorts. Shirts that can easily be layered are also important. Remember to pack several pants in neutral colors that match most anything like black, beige, khaki and navy. Then, pack some basic shirts both short and long sleeve and at least one warm sweater, fleece, or jacket. While sandals and flip flops may be your preferred footwear, you need at least one pair of good walking shoes. There are many lists of things to pack by destination on the Internet, so that might help out significantly.

Another travel tip is to look as inconspicuous as possible, especially if you are traveling alone. You don’t want to make yourself a target for crime, so try to leave the flashy jewelry and name brand clothing behind. If you blend in you will have a better traveling experience. Also, be sure you always make copies of your passport to carry with you. Once you reach your destination store your real passport in a safe place, but always travel with a copy in case you are asked for it. In addition to this, leave a copy of your passport at home too in case your parents need to help you get a new one in the case of theft or if it is lost.

A final great travel tip for students is to buy a guide book for the areas where you will be traveling. They truly are invaluable because they list transportation, hotel, restaurant, and Internet cafe information, not to mention the great places you should visit during your stay, how not to act in public, and the general customs of the place you will be visiting. A guide book will really be your best friend throughout your trip because the answers to almost all of your questions are there and waiting for you.

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