Should I Join A Sorority?

College years are one of the confusing, exciting, eye-opening and stressful parts of a student life. This is the transition period from childhood into the real world. It is also the time when a student struggles both academically and socially. Joining the sorority is one of the ideal ways to fulfill the experience. There are other reasons why young women prefer to join the sisterhood.

Lifelong Friendship
One of the primary reasons why you should join sorority is the lifelong friendship. The friendship that you will find in the sorority is much different from the friendship you obtained from your casual friends. This is because the sorority maintains meaningful relationships among members. In this sense, the organization is looking for young women who can embody the ideals of the organization. They choose potential member based on scholastic achievement, ambition, maturity, poise and the ability to care other sisters. When you join the sisterhood you can ensure that the sorority sisters will care about your ambitions, dreams, achievements, disappointments and heartbreaks.

Social Networking
Sororities helps members in finding a good job. That is why it is deemed to be a good social networking option. As part of the obligation in the sorority, each member pledged to help one another not only by caring but also by helping find a good job.

Academic Support
Academic achievement is the top priority of most sororities. That is why each chapter has a group that monitors the grade point system that each member should maintain. To ensure academic support, the organization provides mentor program in which an older sister helps younger sisters in their studies. They also conduct educational workshops and designate study hours. Thus, many young women stay focused on their academic endeavors.

Practice Leadership
Joining the sorority will give young women the chance to know all about leadership. It prepares members to take the responsibility of any positions available. The good thing about joining the sorority is that you can practice your profession even within the organization. Hardworking members are given rewards. Indeed, being a member of the sorority, most young women are well-rounded in such a way that they can expect for a good career and become responsible leader.

Community Service

If you want to join the sorority you should be ready to do community service. This is because the mission of the organization is not only to serve its members but also the community. Doing community service is the best bonding time and at the same time can boost your resume.

There are different sororities available. In this sense, you should ensure to choose the best organization that can help you to be the best person you should be. Make sure that the group provides academic and moral support, pledge unconditional friendship and helps in ensuring better life in the future. If you are interested to join a sorority you can inquire from the group as soon as you enter college. Keep in mind what you would gain and what you have to lose.

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