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You may believe that if you speak English you don’t need to know another language because so many people worldwide learn English as a second language and as a result communicate well. However, this is not the case at all and every individual should be able to speak at least two languages. The most popular languages worldwide are English and Spanish, however many Asian languages like the Chinese dialect Mandarin are really becoming popular languages to study and will become more important in the world of business simply because the population of China is exploding.

Since the introduction of the Internet international business has grown significantly requiring more employees to have language skills. Not to mention globalization and the many markets becoming one larger world market. As a direct result of this, applicants with language skills have a higher percentage chance of being hired than their monolingual counterparts regardless of past experience. Consider the following additional benefits of speaking another language.

Job Opportunities
As stated, more and more job opportunities are available to individuals with language skills, with the most desirable languages for US companies being Spanish, French, German, and Mandarin. Considering NAFTA many US companies have moved to Mexico and Central and South America necessitating more Spanish speaking skills than others. In addition to this, one of the fastest growing populations in the United States are Latinos, and many do not speak English. However, they work and have money to spend so companies are interested in their business and want to provide employees who speak Spanish to help the Latinos.

Simply drive down the main street in your town and you will likely see signs in front of many restaurants, car dealerships, banks and other businesses that say “se habla espanol,” which conveys to Latinos that someone in that company speaks Spanish. More and more companies are catching on to the need to have employees who speak Spanish or other languages and include that in their job opening descriptions. So, learning to speak Spanish is incredibly important for Americans for job opportunities as well as communicating with their neighbors. Although, with globalization Americans will find many opportunities with other language skills as well.

When you learn another language you increase your ability to communicate with individuals in the world. Since a large percentage of the world speaks either English or Spanish, if you speak both you will most likely be able to communicate with the majority of people you encounter. This is especially true in the United States.

For example, many workplaces employ Spanish speaking individuals that do not yet speak English. For example, many factories and fast food restaurants hire a large number of Spanish speakers because they are lower paid labor and typically have factory experience. However, their managers do need to communicate with them regarding job responsibilities, work schedules, pay, rules and regulations and if the manager speaks Spanish it will help communication significantly. Of course, you might say those individuals should learn English, and while this might be true you will increase your communication level and job performance by speaking Spanish.

Expand Your Mind
Another benefit of learning a second language is simply expanding your mind. By learning a second language your will create more synapses in your brain and likely reduce your chances of diseases that affect the minds of older individuals like Alzheimer’s. Studies are still being conducted, but results point out that individuals who speak two languages have a significantly reduced chance of illnesses such as this. As a result, it is certainly worth studying a second language to reduce your chances of developing a disease such as this.

No matter your age, whether you are still in school, recently graduated, or are a senior citizen you can still learn a foreign language. There are many courses offered in universities, private tutors, online courses, and teach yourself options that are available to you. You simply need to evaluate your budget, schedule, and time frame you want to learn the new language. Learning a new language requires practice, memorization, and immersing yourself in the language. You will know when you speak another language well when you can think in that language rather than thinking in your native language and translating.

If you don’t currently speak Spanish or another popular world language then you should consider learning one. Evaluate your occupation, or future occupation, and which second language would be most beneficial in your line of work or proposed line of work. Once you have pinpointed the language you may begin searching for courses or tutors to help you learn, or give it a go on your own. Regardless of which way you learn a second language it will benefit you in all areas of your life, so start studying today. You will be surprised how easy it is to learn another language once you start trying.

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