How Did Those Upperclassmen Move Off Campus So Easily?

Moving off-campus is what you’ve been looking forward to all spring. Since this might be the first time that you’ll be on your own, it is important to take a few simple steps to make sure that it isn’t too difficult.

Start by creating a budget. As you move into your first house or apartment, there will be a lot of expenses that didn’t exist while you were living in the dorms with your friends. Ideally, form a budget before choosing a place to live. Be sure to consider the costs of utilities, rent, transportation, and insurance.

Next, you may need to add a few services that you never had before you lived outside of a dorm. In addition to setting up your own electricity, water, and internet service, you will also need to obtain renters insurance. This type of insurance covers any items that are inside your rental unit. This means all furniture, electronics, and even basic household items are covered. Renters insurance covers all of these items in the event that they are stolen or destroyed. This type of coverage isn’t too expensive, and it can be invaluable in the case of an accident. Check out rates at websites such as to find a good policy.

After establishing all of these things, set up a schedule. The responsibilities of living on your own can take up a lot of time. If you have never cooked and cleaned for yourself, you will need to schedule a portion of time each day for these activities.

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