History of Sororities

Before the American Revolutionary War transpired fraternal organizations for men were realized based on their affiliations, occupations and religion. Most of the organizations have members sharing the same and common values. During those days sororities did not exist until after the War ended. However, the first sorority known as Adelphean Society was an association for women. However, it was a secret organization that began at Wesleyan Female College in the mid 1800’s.

The importance of sororities answers the needs of students for a place where they could belong. Most university and college campuses all over the world have sororities. Although the very first sorority group is mainly composed of Greek community and culture yet to this date anyone can join the sorority. Sororities are not just a mere female organization but it also participates in campus social functions, parties and sports events. Sororities work along with fraternities in hosting activities.
In like manner, this female organization is also active in charitable endeavors and fundraising. Some of the sister’s responsibilities of sorority are to maintain housing on campus, membership communication and business management. The good point about this organization is that sisters are supporting each other socially and academically. This is because by maintaining the required grade point averages means keeping the membership. They conduct tutoring and study groups helping younger sorority members.

Nowadays, there are lots of sororities in America with over 4.1 million initiated members. Despite of the good works of the sororities all over the world it is inevitable that there are still issues that transpire. One of the biggest issues is the substance abuse and hazing. Nevertheless, they still take part in educating the members of the organization, conducting awareness events and risk management programs.

Moreover, sororities continue the long standing tradition of meeting the needs of the college women. They offer help regardless of religion, race and professions. Young women in every college campus prefer to be a member of the sorority as it is considered as legacy to their female children. That is why daughters of sorority members also become a member of the organization. However, it is not that easy to be admitted in the organization as you need to pass all the pledges by doing different things such as becoming slave of older sisters. Nevertheless, as soon as you become a fully fledged sister you can then wear the popular clothing of the sorority. There is sorority clothing specially designed for the specific sorority.

If you are thinking to become a member of a sorority make sure to choose the organization that is reputable and has responsible members. In this way, you can ensure that you would not be lead to the wrong direction. Choose sorority that can help you to become a responsible and productive citizen. Likewise, keep in mind that a good sorority is the one that upholds the common good of women in any aspects of life. Thus, you can say that being a member of the sorority you can also help other people.

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