SAT Tests

SAT I: Reasoning. The SAT I is a three-hour test that measures a student’s ability rather than knowledge. It is split into sections that cover verbal and mathematical reasoning skills. Most of the questions are multiple-choice.

SAT II: Subject Tests. The SAT II subject tests measure knowledge in specific subjects within five general categories: English, mathematics, history, science, and languages. The specific subjects range from English literature to biology to Modern Hebrew. SAT II subject tests are primarily multiple-choice, and each lasts one hour.

Both the SAT I and SAT II are offered several times a year at locations across the country.

The SAT Tests will be changing in March 2005. This could effect the way the test is given at your school. Not all testing will be done the same. Some testing providers will be moving toward giving the new SAT only , while others will be using various combinations of the two.