Questions To Ask

Finding Schools That Match Your Interests and Goals

  •  What kind of career and technical training do you want?
  • Which schools offer the training or program you need?
  • What preparation do you need for a particular job?
  • Will employers accept the training as preparation for employment?

Choosing a School

  • Is the school you are considering accredited and licensed?
  • What are the requirements for admission?
  • Will your coursework transfer to another school?
  • Is crime at the school a problem?
  • Should you visit the school?

Paying For Your Education

  •  How much will you pay for the program or training?
  • Is financial assistance or student aid available?
  • Will you have to sign an enrollment contract?
  • What is the school’s refund policy?

Special Considerations

  • Will your program be delivered by distance education?
  • Does the school offer job placement assistance?
  • How can you avoid diploma mills and unaccredited colleges?
  • Have students filed complaints against the school?

If you get good answers to all of the above questions, you should feel confident about enrolling in the career college or technical school of your choice. If not, keep doing your homework.

Remember, a good education is the foundation for getting a good job and having a successful career!