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Education Options and Career Transition Tips

Changing careers mid-life may not sound like the most exciting thing, however many individuals are forced to change their careers after several or many years in the work place because of layoffs, company bankruptcies, or the company moving to another country. These tough situations have a silver lining of opportunity, however, because you can return to school and begin studying for a new career, or else in the same career line but higher up the ladder. If you do not have more than a high school degree and find yourself without a job for whatever reason, take the opportunity to pursue your bachelor’s. If you have your bachelor’s then go back to school for your master’s.

There are other educational options as well such as additional coursework or field related work courses you can take. Not to mention, if you don’t feel like sitting in a classroom with a bunch of teenagers you can always take online courses or night and weekend courses that are generally more popular for adults. Whatever the case, consider the following education options for your career change and how to best transition.

Educational and Career Options
Before you begin looking into education options, you should check out the most popular careers and the ones that look like they have the most room for growth. The last thing you want to do is focus on a career that is losing steam or will be replaced by computers or completely done away with. If you are going back to school evaluate the market, emerging jobs, and then compare those with your skill sets, experience, and any other talents that might pertain to that career. Then, once you have pinpointed a career that you are specifically suited for you will be able to choose the degree program or educational opportunities to help you land the job.

When it comes to education, most good jobs require a bachelor’s degree and several years experience and more and more jobs require a master’s degree as well. If you know what type of education your new career requires you will be able to include that in your study plans. Academic advisors will also be able to help you get on track for a specific career and you can always do some research online to find out additional skills or experiences you might need. Then, you simply apply to the school of your choice, and once accepted start taking classes. You might prefer or need to take classes online or at night because of your work or family schedule, and fortunately both of these options are available to you. Many institutions offer online classes and many online colleges exist as well. You should compare the benefits and drawbacks of each type of college before making the decision that will be best for you. Once you have decided to go back to school to help you change your career you will need to transition a bit.

Career Transitions
Since many career changes require additional education people who make this decision find it difficult to balance school in addition to their family and their job. Going back to school is not like it was when you were an undergraduate with no other responsibilities other than your homework. Individuals who go back to school simply add more responsibilities and time consuming work on top of their already packed schedule of work, family, social engagements, and bill paying responsibilities. Returning to school can put pressure on all of these areas of your life, so you need to be prepared. Before making the decision to go back to school in order to change your career, sit down with your family and make some decisions regarding household responsibilities. Everyone will have to carry a little more weight while you are in school. In addition to this, finances may be tighter because of the additional expense of school. You may choose student loan options to lighten the load, pay out of your savings, or try and get a scholarship. Regardless, finances will be stretched while you are in school. You will also need quiet time and respect from your family to study and learn. However, by having this discussion up front with your family will help everyone be prepared for the changes of you going back to school and how to deal with it.

It will take some time to get into school mode again, but when you plan ahead and have support from your family and friends, are confident about what you are doing and your new career then you will certainly transition with no problems at all.

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