Adjusting to College Life

Tips for Settling In to College Quickly and Easily

Adjusting to college life can be very difficult for students because everything is new and different. However, students who consider the following tips will certainly be better prepared for college life and will adjust quickly and easily.

Tip #1 – Get Involved
There are many activities on campus, so go ahead and get involved! Don’t wait, either. Go ahead and get involved your first week of your freshman year. This will allow you to meet friends, be part of a social group as well as making a difference in the university, and you will have a healthier attitude regarding college altogether. So, check out the different activities available at your university.

Tip #2 – Stay on Campus
Many college freshman are afraid to stay on campus because dorms are small and the food isn’t like mom’s home cooking. However, staying on campus is an important way to adjust to college life. You will have a roommate, meet new friends, have an instant support group, and learn a lot about yourself as well as others. In addition, when you stay on campus you are close to all campus activities, parties, the library, and extracurricular activities.

Tip #3 – Eat and Sleep Regularly
Adjusting to college life can take a lot out of you because of the new class schedules, studying, and having to figure out how to handle it on your own. Because of this it is very important to eat and sleep on a schedule. Make sure you eat three healthy meals a day, sleep at least eight hours a night, and you will feel happier and healthier and better able to adjust to college life.

Tip #4 – Manage Stress
College is stressful, and for a beginning freshman it might be overwhelming. However, manage your stress by working out, practicing yoga, deep breathing, or any other method you find helpful. When you are not stressed out you will be able to adjust to college life and accept all of the new ways of doing things. However, if you stay stressed out it will impact your grades as well as your health.

Tip #5 – Stay Focused
Because college can be so much fun, it might be difficult to stay focused on your work. However, remember why you are at college in the first place. You want to get a degree and ultimately a good job. So, focus on your major and where you want to go in your life more than where the best party is this weekend. You can still look for extracurricular activities, but keep your mind focused on your work more.

Tip #6 – Attend Every Class
Class attendance in college is not the same as high school, not by a long shot. Many times attendance is not even taken, so it is easy to skip class for more exciting things. However, if you don’t go to class you will find it difficult to learn what you need to for the exams and papers, and may miss pop quizzes. As a result, you should attend every class unless you are seriously ill. In the event you must miss a class, let your professor know why and ask if you can get the notes.

Tip #7 – Look on the Bright Side
You need to always keep a positive attitude when it comes to adjusting to college life. It truly is difficult to always look on the bright side when your entire life has changed and you are not quite sure what to make of it. However, look at college as an adventure and each new day providing something new. This should help you keep your chin up.

Tip #8 – Party!
College is known for partying and while you don’t want to get bogged down in the party scene, you do want to party a little. You are following all of the above tips to help you adjust to college, so you can party on the weekends after you have finished your homework and simply enjoy hanging out with friends and meeting new people.

Tip #9 – Communicate
Remember, college is a time when you will meet many new people that may have completely different views than your own, and you may end up living with one. As a result, make sure you always communicate openly and honestly about your feelings while respecting other people as well. Don’t let others take advantage of you by communicating openly.

When you follow these suggestions you will certainly adapt to college life quickly, easily and without needing a lot of time to settle in. You will be off and running and should consider theses tips as your success guide for settling into college.

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